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Wonky results to: What is my odometer at?

scott 2 years ago updated by scottf200 2 years ago 10

This question seems to get misinterpreted -- What is my odometer at?

  1. I thought it would tell me the total miles on my car. It told me the current range.
  2. It also would tell me what SOC my battery was at.

Both of these seem to work OK. Perhaps the sentence or wording is just easy for Alexa to get mixed up. Maybe drop that command as these two work fine.

  • How many miles have I driven?
  • How many miles are on my Tesla?


Under review

Thanks.  It seems to be working for me.  Each time I try 'what is my odometer at? it responds with how many miles I've driven.

Is anyone else having issues with this command?


FYI, I just tried it and got "<car name> has 169 miles of range available".


The Alexa phone app told answered above when I asked

'alexa ask tesla fi what my adam bitter at' --- note the 'at' at the end which made it give me a different answer than above. FYI


FYI, in the Alexa phone app it tells you what it think it heard. Here is mine:

'alexa ask tesla fi waht is my adam bitter'

You can provide feedback to them and I did. HTH


FYI, I just went though the Android Alexa phone app and trained my voice for the echo dot I was using. After I completed the training I repeated the test but it still did not recognized 'odometer' coming from my mouth :)


Works fine for me


It seems to need clear phrasing, but the odometer one does work for me some times.  Other times, I get 'sorry I don't know that name' or 'i'm not sure'.  Sometimes I do get '<car name> has driven xxx miles.'

If I speak slowly 'ask TF what is my odometer' it seems to be most dependable.

Mile have I driven also works.  It's sometimes a challenge to get the 'ask TF' to be taken..  :D

haha, I thought TF was a shortcut you could say but Alexa had no idea what I meant.

So I just said 'Alexa, ask TeslaFi what is my odometer' and she said "<car name> is idling"

Lol, no, I just got tired of typing TeslaFi :D

Too bad we can't make our local skill shortcuts, though, like 'Tesla' or 'car' or the car name'  Mine's Samantha, and it would be nice to 'ask Samantha' to turn the heater on or whatever...

Odometer can be pronounce 1) ah-dom-eter or 2) oh-dom-eter .

I really emphasized the 2nd one (oh) and then it worked. FYI, I reported the idiosyncrasy to Alexa Echo team. 

This can probably be resolved. Perhaps in the commands you want to put (oh-dom-eter) after the command :)