Auto tag drives based on user profile from car

rsilvers 4 years ago updated by ecotrippin 3 months ago 4

My son got his learner's permit and I need to log him driving for 40 hours. Does Teslafi have access to what driver's profile the car was set to when driving? If so, it would nice if it auto-tagged the drives with the profile name.

Also, I have been manually tagging his drives with his name, but when I search for drives with that tag, it just shows all of the drives. Does tag search work correctly?

great idea! I would set different business and personal driver profiles in the car to track mileage %, would be incredible if TeslaFi would tag the drives with the respective profile and make report generation and tracking almost automatic. 



We use the car as a shared vehicle and it would help me a lot in dividing costs.


I would love to see stats per driver. Even more when I get the second Tesla for my wife. Would be greate to have multiple cars and driver stats.


That's a feature I would be interested in too.

Tag drives based on user profile.

Is/Will this be possible?