Suggestion for Tesla feature

mhmercer2 11 months ago updated by HamiltonCocoLady 6 months ago 2

It would be nice to have DropBox, or other access, to store preferences/contacts/destinations before disconnecting the low voltage battery. My 12 volt battery was changed. All of my data, except for driver's settings, were lost.

Suggestion for sharing of tagged locations.  

Maybe this already exists, and I don't know.  Our model Y is a new car as you can see.  The model X is much older and has lots of tagged locations we entered.  It would be nice if my new model Y would automatically use the same tagged locations as the model X when in the same location.  In other words, sharing tagged locations between cars in the same family.  Right now, I go in the account and create a tag whenever I visit a location we have been to in the past in the other car.  Hope I said that to be understandable.

Side note, TF is a great app with lots of features.  Very enjoyable.

turn your Tesla driver profile into a cloud one and you’ll be fine for situations like this