Auto tagging locations

Sharkcookie 7 years ago updated by anonymouse 3 years ago 7

Would it be possible to have commonly known places alutomatically be geotagged and named. For example Superchargers, Service Centers, maybe even some iconic places like National Parks or Theme Parks. It seem like every user is adding the same places.


Another road trip, another 10 superchargers manually labelled "Tesla Supercharger Eindhoven" etc.  This should be automatic.


I find I am manually labelling locations frequently, because I want a nice list of superchargers used.  It would be helpful if TeslaFi could just auto tag the destination with the Tesla Supercharger name, each time it determines that the car is supercharging.

Would love to get more locations (more than current 3 places, maybe 10) displayed in the dropdown for the suggestion. Sometime the business I visited there is not the three listed.


It would be nice if it just auto tagged SuperChargers.

User unique tags for locations would be useful.  Besides naming a location, A set of name value pairs per named location would be useful. 


You already get a lot of suggestions of business name around a new location


I guess teslafi could just ask google for a name of the location?