Tesla API Access

James 4 years ago updated by EDIflyer 4 years ago 2

Tesla appears to have blocked Amazon, Google, and Microsoft’s IP’s from accessing their servers. We don't believe it was done intentionally to stop third-party services from accessing the API, however, it's still unknown why this occurred and why it's continuing to occur.

In the meantime, a temporary fix was implemented until things return to normal. This was put in place last night to resume logging and the final touches were made this morning to get things such as Alexa working. Changes were also done to quickly handle any issues like this, should they occur in the future.

We will continue to monitor and let you know when we find out more information or if things return to normal.

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Many thanks for the update, James - I'd be lost without TeslaFi, it's such a core feature of how I use the car!  Just reached the 1 year anniversary of having the car so only missing trip was one on the day the data was blocked - don't suppose there's a way we can manually add it?!

Thanks for the great work TeslaFi team (maybe just James...)!

TeslaFi is amazing!