Yearly Overview of Data

Konrad Leymann 6 years ago updated by Fiver 4 years ago 2

Have you thougt about a yearly overview of all data gathered.

Would be nice to see things like:

-total charge kW (at home, on the way, at Superchargers)

-number trips 

-longest trips (Top 10)

-averages of all kind of data (Trip length, temp, efficency, charges... etc)

So many ideas. Maybe this is of interest for others, too.

Happy New Year from Germany.


Came here to suggest the same thing.  Would love a "yearly" calendar view where I could see stuff like total miles driven in any given year.  Or, if the coders were feeling ambitious, select a date range to see stats for between 2 dates.  Could be nice for tracking stats for road trips/business trips etc.

I just wanted to see how many miles I drove in 2018, 2019 etc, plus stats on yearly Wh/mile avg, top trips, charging efficiency over years, battery degradation over years (or custom time period)...  Would be a great feature.

I like this a lot. I would like to see the monthly efficiency chart similar to the temperature efficiency view.  If anyone has used the Mint app (mint.com) there are lots of trends that you can view over time like spending, income, etc.. I think having each of these data points like efficiency, distance, avg temp, etc in a trend view over time by month, year, all time, etc would be amazing to see.