What are Drive or Charge Records?

Each drive, charge, idle or sleep session is calculated based on hundreds or thousands of data points.  Many of the calculations done on TeslaFi are done 'on the fly' when they are requested.  More complicated reports and searches may require going through hundreds of sessions and hundreds of thousands of data points and obtaining Google Maps data.  In order to speed these requests up, the session final calculation are saved in a record called a Drive Record or a Charge Record.

These records are updated behind the scenes periodically and whenever a user visits the website so it should be as seemless as possible.  Pages that use these records will have 'Rebuild Drive Records' or 'Rebuild Charge Records' linked on the bottom of the page.  If it ever looks like something is amiss you can click on these links to force the records to be recalculated.

Scenarios which will automatically rebuild your records:

Tagging a location or editing a location

Editing a home address or adding a home address

Changing various settings in settings->account.

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