Sleep settings explained

seth2020 4 years ago 0

I know James did a good job explaining sleep settings here

...but until I wrote down the following, I just could not wrap my head around it.  So sharing in case this helps others to understand how this works

  1. While in Idle
  2. Will poll vehicle 1/min (the Polling Time While Idle value)
  3. …for this period of time: Idle Time Before Trying To Sleep (30 m)
  4. After this time has expired, will NOT poll vehicle for period of time: Time To Try Sleeping (15 m)
  5. … in an attempt to let the car sleep
  6. If detect car is asleep, then will not poll, but will continue to check if it is asleep
  7. If detect car did not fall asleep, Go back to step 1
  8. If car awakes from sleep, go back to step 1

The above is true when NOT in Nighttime TeslaFi Sleep Mode or Deep Sleep Mode