v2 Tesla API Token Support Ending

James 3 years ago 0

In October 2020 Tesla changed to a new authentication system to generate tokens and link your Tesla.com account to your TeslaFi.com account.

In December 2020 TeslaFi sent emails and placed a dismissible notice when logging in to your account with a message encouraging users to generate a new token and link their accounts using Tesla's new authentication system.

For the past year these old tokens have continued to work and allow TeslaFi to obtain data from your vehicle but Tesla is slowly expiring the old tokens and users should generate a new Tesla API Token as soon as possible.

You can generate a new Tesla API Token and ensure your TeslaFi account can access data from your vehicle from the Settings menu in Settings->Tesla Account and selecting Generate My Token.  From here you can use one our web browser extensions or iOs/Andoid Apps to generate a token directly on Tesla's website.