Adding temperature triggers to scheduled HVAC

Veritas1980 7 years ago updated by James888 2 years ago 5

It would be nice if the scheduled HVAC could have either internal or external temperature to trigger it to start or not.

For example, I leave at 8.00 for work, if the temperature is below 0°C at 7.30, the HVAC should start and clear the ice on the windshield.

I have seen this feature request in several threads over several years. Has there been a response to say possible/not possible yet?  This would be very helpful in cold climates during the transition months where the temperature fluctuates greatly on a daily basis and would make HVAC scheduling rules much less reliable. With temperature as  condition on schedules (like location or charging state), it would be easy to create very useful "set it and forget it" rules. 

Would also be good if you could add a simple notification to send an email or pushover when a certain temperature is reached, optional to start another action on the basis of it. Handy for cold weather to see when the car is warmed up.

Or, if that is not possible - how about an alert message that internal (or external) has gone above (or below) settings in our Notification Settings (of course would require two new fields for High and Low temperature alert settings).

Configuration based on temperature (< 0 degrees) or weather (eg. snow/ice crystals) would be great!!

Or if itemperature is below 0 Celcius start HVAC at Max temp