Tesla Scopes/Permission Requirements

When linking your TeslaFi account to your Tesla account you will be given the option to choose what scopes you would like to allow TeslaFi to access with on your Tesla account.

Below is more information on what is required and optional.

1.  Vehicle Information:  This is required in order for TeslaFi to obtain live data and provide basic functionality.  

2.  Vehicle Commands:  This is optional and only needed if you wish to use live controls on the site and/or create schedules to schedule controls at specified times.

3.  Charging Management:  This is optional but recommended if you wish to incorporate Supercharging costs automatically in TeslaFi.

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You can refer to the following help document if you need to change the original scopes you granted to TeslaFi:  https://support.teslafi.com/knowledge-bases/2/articles/26756-unauthorized-missing-scopes-error

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