Add a fleet report (scatter plot + regression) for battery degredation

gorkish 5 years ago updated by loercase 1 year ago 7

The battery reports are great!

Please consider generating a fleet battery report similar to the MaxRange survey here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/t024bMoRiDPIDialGnuKPsg/htmlview#

It would be nice to see a global scatter plot and regression by mileage and cumulative charge power (kWh) along with being able to filter by model, battery capacity (lump S and X together), or cell type (S/X vs 3) though I know from looking at the statistics the data may get pretty thin on some of those slices though so you would have to see if it makes any sense.

Personally I am especially interested at understanding the impact of home vs supercharging. My degredation following the first year is relatively high compared to what is "normal" based on the MaxRange survey, and I would like to see if that data can be disambiguated.

I would love to see battery degradation charted as estimated 100% range vs time since first drive, rather than vs kilometers driven. I'd like to see the calendar aging compared to fleet average.

I'm also very interested in this feature as I see dropping my total capacity by 1.5% a month the last 2 month although it was stable the 8 month before.

Can Teslafi comment on whether they are working on this or not?

I think this would be really great. Better to see when you pull back and look at the whole fleet. Especially with so many variables.

This would be nice. Currently I'm also comparing my results with comments on the TMC forum. That data is just from a few cars from a few measurements. Teslafi has all charging data and could easily update reports per car/pack type.

it would be very valuable to see how degradation compares to the fleet.

Even more interesting is if you could drill down and look at anonymized the charge sessions from the top 100 least degraded cars to see how the car is charged. For example, I try to keep my car between 50-75% but maybe that report indicates that is just not needed.

Also would love to see this

I would love to see this chart as well. It will be a great data reference.