How to correctly record free charging of Supercharge, and display cost saving?

gaoruijie 5 years ago updated by babybird 1 year ago 5

How to correctly record free charging of Supercharge, and display cost saving?

Have the same question here - is it possible to add a data field along the lines of:


Assuming TeslaFi has a way to record this data, the solution is (I think?) rather straightforward.

If not, allowing a user entry [e.g. USER STATED COST per kWH at TIME OF CHARGE] would also work, even if it requires a more manual approach.


any update or is it still not possible to consider the free SC costs?!

ps: why does the CURRENT SoC changes to ending SoC of a charge when editing it?


So yeah you need to set the supercharger cost at 0. But the problem is, when it calculates cost savings, it does so based on your home rate and not whatever the rate would be at the supercharger.

What would be better is if we can set the actual rates at the supercharger (and maybe this info should even be crowdsourced. Doesn't make sense for everyone to enter that info for each supercharger they go to). Then simply at a check box for "free supercharging". 

This way, the supercharging costs don't get counted as an actual cost but rather a cost savings.


I’m really struggling.

The local supermarket has 4 free 7kW bays. I use them when I can. Whatever I put against the location it is showing the charge as a cost and not a saving.

I’ve tried rebuilding the charge records. But doesn’t seem to help.


What I did was to go into settings and set the Supercharging costs to $0.00. I am unsure if that is correct or to set it to Free.

I can't get the home charging to show savings so what do I know.  ;-)