My Tesla Powerwall charger isn’t charging my car!

Nmhousewife 2 years ago 0

My Tesla 60amp powerwall charger isn’t charging my car. What’s weird is it has all the green lights moving down it when plugged in and my charging port is green and it’s states it’s charging but it’s not, and usually I get 34miles/hr and 48/48 amp but now it says 8/48amps and 0/miles/hr. What even more strange I plug in my slow plug in a regular outlet charger it doesn’t work either, but when I push reset on the charger it’s starts charging my car, and it says charging but it still says 8/48amp and 0/miles/hr. And everyone I charge I have to push reset button or it won’t work! I was going to go to supercharger station this weekend and see what happens. Anyone had this same issue?? And my charging data wasn’t uploaded yesterday in teslefi or my tesla plus app!