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do you plan to make ios/android app?

licong02@gmail.com 2 years ago • updated by NYCTeslaMan 9 hours ago 51
Under review

Display vampire drain rate for my vehicle

mkolowich 2 years ago • updated by steev 2 months ago 13

Helping car owners to understand/estimate vampire drain would be a major help. This could be done in several ways:

  • with data display (I.e. when idle, display current vampire drain rate [lost range, in miles/day] in top status bar)
  • with graph (i.e. show bar graph of vampire drain rate [lost miles / day] for different connection states (connected, sleep, deep sleep))

Even more importantly, I think it would be a great service to run a regression, across the entire database, to discover exactly what influence each of the following has (if any) on vampire drain rate [lost miles / day]:

  • connection state (connected, sleep, deep sleep)
  • state of charge (current % charge level)
  • outside temperature
  • battery size (kWh max capacity)
  • car model (S, X, SP, XP, 3)
  • time since last charge

The results would help car owners understand exactly how to minimize vampire drain on their car, and to understand, for example, how much vampire drain to expect when, say, parking their car at the airport during a three-week vacation


Add different prices for charging at night

sacha81 2 years ago • updated by mattb 4 days ago 12

In some regions the prices for the electric power is different on the day and the night. It would be very helpful when it's possible to define a day-rate and a night-rate for charging. 

07:00-21:00 (07:00am - 9:00 pm) is 0.27$/kwh

21:00-07:00 (09:00pm - 07:00 pm) is 0.18$/kwh


Schedule a charge that finishes at a specific time

pjw65 2 years ago • updated by BattMobile 5 months ago 11

I'd like to say that my car finishes charging at 7:00

I know, that you never know exactly, how fast even a constant charging will be.

But if I charge to less than 90% it should be possible to guess +/- 10 Minutes.

Thanks for all your effort.


2 Factor authentication

Mirlen 2 years ago • updated by nik 11 hours ago 15

Would be nice to see the option for 2-Factor auth for the site, and should be very easy to implement...


A nice feature would be to add winter-/summer tires option. This way you can compare the efficiency of drives on summer versus winter tires.

stickybit 1 year ago • updated by fetzu 2 weeks ago 7

A nice feature would be to add winter-/summer tires option. This way you can compare the efficiency of drives on summer versus winter tires.


Graph battery capacity (ending range) over time at given charge level

mkolowich 2 years ago • updated by James 1 year ago 13

One of the most important things for an EV owner to understand over time is how the battery range at, say, 90% charge declines over the lifetime of the battery.

I would like to see a graph for any given completed charge level (e.g. all 90% charges) that shows the ending range for each charge for that level. There should be a choice for x-axis of:

  • Odometer reading
  • Date
  • Charge number

Also, it may be useful to allow smoothing to make the chart more readable (I.e. average last 3 charges)


James 2 years ago • updated 13 hours ago 259

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Auto tagging locations

Sharkcookie 2 years ago • updated by poppap 2 weeks ago 5

Would it be possible to have commonly known places alutomatically be geotagged and named. For example Superchargers, Service Centers, maybe even some iconic places like National Parks or Theme Parks. It seem like every user is adding the same places.


Set charging end time

wayner 2 years ago • updated by BattMobile 5 months ago 2

Can TeslaFi charge based on an estimated end time?  I would like my charging to end each day at 7am because (a) that is when my off-peak rate ends, and (b) charging just before you leave can prevent limited regen when temperatures are below 10C as the battery will be warm.

Of course this would require an estimated charge rate but TeslaFi should be able to calculate that, or you can input it manually.