Add different prices for charging at night

sacha81 2 years ago updated by Thunder7ga 5 hours ago 13

In some regions the prices for the electric power is different on the day and the night. It would be very helpful when it's possible to define a day-rate and a night-rate for charging. 

07:00-21:00 (07:00am - 9:00 pm) is 0.27$/kwh

21:00-07:00 (09:00pm - 07:00 pm) is 0.18$/kwh


+1 for this.  

+10 if you make it so the prices can be downloaded from an external website.

We use https://www.powersmartpricing.org/ which publishes their prices online for each upcoming day.

I would love to be able to have both peak and off-peak prices in TF.

In addition, I'd love to be able to tag a charge as free.  The reason for that is that some days I work from home and am able to charge my car directly from the solar panels on the house.  It would not work to have it set to a time or day but just a tickbox that allows us to tag a home charge as free would be awesome.  

This feature will become increasingly useful for Tesla owners who have a Powerwall installed at home and therefore perform a lot of their charges using stored solar energy.


I'd love this, but I need more than just day/night, peak/off-peak. My power provider (ecotricity.co.nz) gives me 7 different power rates during the day, so ideally this would just allow you to specify a range of times and a rate.

Also I would love to see if you change Pricing from a Chargepoint per Date. So at work they now give the power for free, before it was 0.18 Cents. Maybe they will charge again in the future.


01.01.2018 - 30.06.2018 is 0.18CHF/kwh

01.07.2018 - 31.12.2018 is 0.00CHF/kwh

01.01.2019 - 30.06.2019 is 0.25CHF/kwh


In my area the rates are different for Winter and Summer but are the same 24 hours. Perhaps add both time of date rates and seasonal rates.

And in my region prices varies based on temperature : one cost if the temperature is over 12 degrees Celsius, and another price if it is under 12 degrees celcius ... 

We have hourly billing here with ComED. That's probably too much to ask but I'd still love a way to set prices during certain periods. When everyone is leaving in the morning or coming home at night the prices are always the highest!

This is a second vote for the suggestion by sacha81 and mike9475 to be able to change pricing from a charge point per date range. Our utility bills at higher rates in winter than summer, and it would be nice to reflect this in the charge summary and calendar views.

my power company changes rates 4 times a day.

i know it would be a lot of work, but I'm sure many of us would appreciate it if we could somehow enter our power rates for each hour.

I don't think any utility has more than 4 TOU rates in a day (2 of them usually being the same).

I have 7 different rates during a day:

Combine the varying network + energy charges in each window and you end up with 7 distinct per kWh rates during the day. 

+1 to have peak and off peak rates.

Really could use this as well to be as close to real for costs as possible.  Where I am we have 3 different rates depending on the time of day, and even the time of year.