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Merge more than 2 drives

eBrain 2 years ago updated by enjikaka 2 months ago 7


I´ve read that merging more than two drives is currently not supported. Is there a plan to change this in the future?

Would be great.



Under review


It's on the list and I've converted this into a feature request so it's tracked.




Can this be amended to add an auto-merge function.  If the stop time and start time of 2 consecutive drives are within a configurable timer period (1-5 mins), then auto-merge the drives?  

ie/ Everytime I leave my rural property, I need to stop, get out of the car, open the gate, drive, stop, close the gate and as such I end up with a ton of 1 minute drives.

Yes please make this work. I want to merge more then one file. Want to overview a complete trip without the stops


I hate to say it, but this is a major failing of the app.  I can't see the total stats for a long drive if I can't merge multiple drives.  I would really like to have this feature.

I agree. Just saw this thread (there are two on this topic). The use case dealing with a long trip with multiple stops should be covered. For me, this is not a huge deal since I tend to look at overall stats but for the person who regularly does a particular long trip, it would be good to compare performance between individual instances of the trip. I don't think this is easy to do within TeslaFi. I suppose something could be done with tagging and merging the results outside of the tool but that's a workaround.


A related feature: it'd be nice if there was a way to merge or group frequent outgoing trips with their return trips. For example, travelling to work in the morning and coming back in the evening, as long as I've not gone anywhere else in the meantime, could be "auto-merged" as a single "commute" trip. Maybe sequential trips with the same tag and less than 24 hours in total duration would trigger this behaviour?

Would love this!

I drive every week to/from Oslo - Arvika (ca 3 h trip) and I stop halfway to do shopping and usually take a pee break sometime later. In TeslaFi now one trip is divided into 3 and I cannot merge them together. :(