Add Google Home support

Zaxxon41 2 years ago updated by Deliomblj 2 weeks ago 16

Are there any plans to add Google Home support similar to the Alexa support?  This would be useful to me.

it would definitely be useful to have Google assistant connected to this! Imagine the routines one could make. 🤯

why do most apps only default to Amazon alexa and not Google home? 


Jeff bozos is a tesla hater and dislikes elon musk!

also me: another Amazon  📦 came today, what did I order again?

Likewise, I would love to google home assistant.


I would pay at least another $0.50 a month for Google home/Google Assistant support, or perhaps a 1x $50 donation?  It's a must have feature I currently make happen by other means, but would like to keep it all together for simplicity.

After having used both Google assistant and Alexa for home control, i won't be going back to Alexa...

Please add Google Home

I would LOVE to control my car via voice by my phone.

For example,

 hey google, open trunk"


"hey google, start conditioning my car"

Yes please add Google Home support. Don't use Alexa (and not planning to), but I use Google Home everyday!!

Hell to the yes! You can use EV Car to achieve this in the meantime though.

Yes please! I would like that very much!

Same for me too.  I do not need a bookshop doing my internet searches.  

Google Home support would be excellent.

yes please. I don't care about Alexa. 


Don't care about Alexa, and I would love to see Google Assistant support as well. Or IFTTT. Something other than Alexa, which I'll never use. 

I also have no plans to go with Alexa.  I've got Google Home running now and use Assistant on my phone as well.  Alexa makes no sense for me.

IFTTT is an interesting app.  Not sure if it could be leveraged... but might also be worth consideration.


I am looking into third-party applications like Tasker to receive control commands and send the query to TeslaFi. I think this could temporarily solve the issue of not having Google Home direct command


I would also like to see this happen too. I am not planning to use Alexa at all.

Thank you.