TeslaFi Google Assistant

Google Assistant no longer allows voice apps but interacting with your Tesla and Google Assistant with TeslaFi can be done using a paid subscription to IFTTT.

You can use the steps below to link IFTTT with TeslaFi:

Link IFTTT and Google Assistant

1.  In the Google Home app open Settings

2.  In the Services section select Works with Google and search for IFTTT

3.  Select signup or login to your IFTTT account

Create a TeslaFi API Key

1.  Navigate to Settings Menu->TeslaFi API and select the "Generate' button to create your token

Create your requests

1.  Create a new Applet:  https://ifttt.com/create

2.  Choose If This then search for Google Assistant and select it then press activate scene

3.  Enter the Scene name you want to activate the activate the command with TeslaFi such as "Start Charging"

4.  Choose Then That then search for Webhooks and select it.

5.  Select Make a web request and in the url enter the command URL from the TeslaFi API page https://www.teslafi.com/feed.php?token=TOKEN&command=COMMAND.  Replace TOKEN with your TeslaFi API Key and COMMAND with one of the commands listed in the commands tab in TeslaFi such as charge_start.

6.  Select Create action and then Continue

You can then say "Hey Google, start charging to start charging your car.

Copy the steps above to create a voice command for any of the TeslaFi API Commands you want to use with Google Assistant.  

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