Speed efficiency

Veritas1980 3 years ago updated by taugusti 8 months ago 2

I was thinking it would be nice with a speed efficiency overview in the same way as with temperature. So within a certain interval we could what the average usage was:

100 - 110 km/h: 195 wh/km

110 - 120 km/h: 207 wh/km

Something like this.I would love to know how the energy usage against speed would look for my car.


totally true, we could decide the speed to use based on efficiency


Since temperature and weather (ex. rain) has a huge impact on range, I would suggest that the graph should be a heat map. 

one axis should be a selection between temperature and weather. The other the driving speed. The colow coding should indicate the efficiency with a mouse over-function that shows the actual wh/km and number of km driven in that condition.