A nice feature would be to add winter-/summer tires option. This way you can compare the efficiency of drives on summer versus winter tires.

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A nice feature would be to add winter-/summer tires option. This way you can compare the efficiency of drives on summer versus winter tires.

I agree and just submitted a ticket to see if there's something similar already on the platform given there's been no response from teslafi on this 


To add to this (and go along with the new service reminders), I'd like to track the mileage on each set of tires so I know when to rotate separate from summer/winter wheel swaps 

I have a model y performance witn 21" stock tires.  I am about to mount 18" Xice3 winter tires. How can I best annotate this in my data set as I expect an extreme change in efficiency?  (feature or best practice request)

perhaps we can add a note in the calendar view- so you can make notes about things like changed tires, added a spoiler, etc.


In case it helps anyone, I found a nice easy workaround is to create a 'road trip' (in the 'drives' menu) each time you change your tyres from summer/winter.  This allows me to see the average consumption etc over each tyre season.

So you just start and end a road trip on one day as a marker of the tire change?  Your post implies to me that you can summarize your data on the original tires vs the new tires?  I am about to do the same and wish to use your best technique!  Thanks!! (I am new to teslafi)

Yes, I create a new roadtrip with a start date/time of the date/time that I mount the new wheels (eg: 12th October 2020).  I set the end of the roadtrip to a spurious date in the future, roughly when I expect to take off the winter wheels (eg:  3rd April 2021).
Once done, all of your drives, consumption, charges etc will be logged in that roadtrip.  You can easily find it in the roadtrips section.
You can also do this retrospectively.  I did that for the last 3 years once I worked out my technique and created roadtrips for each of my summer/winter wheels and it has worked perfectly in allowing me to track consumption differences with the different wheels/tyres.

Feel free to ask any other questions if I can help you.

I just submitted a very similar request, but to be able to compare efficiency’s of new tires. Hopefully this can be added in the future!

This would be an awesome feature !


I think this feature would be excellent.

It could even grow into some form of maintenance log so you can track the number of miles driven on a specific set of tyres. This would be very useful to then flag an alert to rotate your tyres once you hit the advised number of miles (6k from memory).


Agree -- Date or tag-based seems most useful.  I just changed tires and they so far appear to have remarked higher rolling resistance.   It would be nice to quantify that in the efficiency report rather than just guessing.

I would also like to expand this feature request for not just tires, but also for tagging the presence (or not) of other things that might affect range... like roof racks. I'd love to tag drives where I have skis or bikes on the roof as such (as well as when I have different rack setups on) so that I can look at efficacy impact by aerodynamic configuration :)


We should be able to use the existing Auto Tag system but instead of Starting and Ending Locations just say if Starting Date and a Ending Date and any drives that fall within that range get tagged as "Winter Tires" and any drives outside of that Range get tagged as All Season or Summer Tires.   We'd need to remember to adjust the actual dates to correspond to the installation and removal of course.....   

Yes! I was about to create a similar feature request. A simple Winter / All seasons / Summer toggle would probably be enough. But allowing users to create and reuse specific tires models would be awesome. There is so much differences between tire brands and models. Trying to pull efficiency statistics out of a dataset that does not account for tire differences will be off by a lot (temperature efficiency for example) (a good winter tire can be as good as an ok summer tire).


I noticed that my winter tires take about 10% more energy on top of the cold. I would like to see this option.

Noticed the same thing, summer impact of CrossClimate+ seem to be less than winter, would be great to have some stats. It's not an easy thing if folks only look at tires they put on seasonally, but since I have CrossClimate+ on year round, could be easier to see range hit.