Support in the UI for multiple cars

ReturnZero 6 years ago updated by blulegend 1 year ago 28

It would be nice if I could track both vehicles from a single account. I don't even mind paying for multiple cars, I just don't want to have to manage multiple accounts and sign in/out all the time.

What a pain to have to duplicate all the charging rates, etc

I would like to see a combined lifetime map with multiple cars. The same way it's done on the monthly map.


- Tagged Locations

- Auto Tag Drives

have Problems with the tagged Locations. this ist the 3rd car. I can't see tagged Locations from my first car. 

I needed a lot of time to mark the locations. Linking from car1 to car2 was ok, but after Link from Car2 to Car3 many of the Tagges Locations are gone. at this Moment we buyed a second car and would LINK them but then all tag are gone.

it would be not bad to Link to several Car's or get an Export/Import posibility

Please support multiple vehicles on the same account. It has been three years after this original request.

My linked Tesla account supplies data to TeslaFi for both my Model Y and Model 3.  TeslaFi often pops up an error message saying I have data for a Model 3 but my car is a Model Y. I can dig into the account menu to change the cars attributes but it often does not pull the correct data for the specified car. Adding an additional TeslaFi account has the same issue, not clearly identifying which vehicle the data is from and now two accounts pulling data on the same two cars.

Why is there not a simple, prominent drop down box to select which of my car's data is being accessed from Tesla? That information is in the Tesla account. Charge for additional cars on the same TeslaFi account. Setting up another "Fi" account does not help since the data is confused and/or hard to decipher between two vehicles on the same Tesla account linked to TeslaFi. 

I appreciate your significant effort here, this is a bounty of information. But as is, this is frustrating and not useful when two (or more) cars are on the same Tesla account.

Just chiming in to again mention that support for 3 vehicles would be much appreciated!


Any chance we can link a third vehicle?

just got a new Tesla and I've continued using it on the same account because I wanted to keep the cumulative charging summaries and drive maps. Unfortunately the data merged on efficiency summaries and battery reports. 

ideal situation would be a drop-down box which would filter the data for the different cars on each page. 

worst part of not officially supporting multiple is the data inconsistencies... the battery report and firmware trackers mix up your data from two different vehicles - at least start there and add vehicle dropdown so that data is usable.


i have a small fleet of 7 teslas. would like to have them all on one account if it was possible.  any recommendations? 

thanks in advance. 

As I learned the hard way, create a new account for the new car, then link the two accounts, Then somehow (?) request that the original account is "parked" so that you can have all your tags and history available and only pay for one account. It won't merge the two accounts, but apparently you can still log into either account.

I simply added my new car to my existing account and everything mashed together in a mess and my new car still reports as if it were my old car (An 85D, VIN 332XXX, with AP2.5 and 1000km on it). As there is no way to fix this, I live with it, but if you are just adding a new car you can avoid this. This should be an FAQ - I looked before I made a mess but couldn't find anything.

I did create a second account, but as both cars were active for a while, that made an even bigger mess as both cars reported in both places - be careful which car you choose in each of the accounts.


I could not figure out how to add a second car if it is on the SAME Tesla Account.


And James comes through.  See here for release notes.  You can now link a 2nd TeslaFi account, easily switch between the two accounts, and share tagged locations between the two accounts.  

I will let Tesla know that they can now deliver my pending 2nd vehicle.  :)

Thanks, James!

Just placed our X order today. Really hoping this is under development!

Could also lead to some fun features like a combined lifetime map, etc.


I'm also interested in the quick multi-car access options in the UI.

Bonus would be a discount for multi-car owners :)

James, any thoughts on whether this is going to be implemented?

Ditto here as well. Have two cars and would like to manage both within the same account. A multiple car discount would be amazing as well. 


I agree!  We have 2 3P's I'd like to have on the same account.

would be cool to have multiple Cars in one account, i would even pay the full price. thanks


just got 2nd model 3 need support for it now.  Both cars are on same Tesla account. thanks.


Hell, I'd pay a few bucks extra. :)


Exactly - I would pay the same amount to just have it all together.

This sucks having 2 separate accounts.


+1. By the time the Model Y ships, please. :) Happy to pay full price for each vehicle but would much prefer to manage/view them both from within one TeslaFi account.


And when it happens we need a way to combine accounts. :)


Same here - new model 3 incoming and I want logging from day 1 as I missed such with my S by 3 days.

Payment isn't the issue..


Definitely!  I imagine this will become a more and more common request.  Adding additional cars to the same account (even for an extra fee) would be much appreciated!


Ditto, ditto. Surely this request will be growing exponentially as the Model 3 rampup continues.


Ditto, just added a Model 3, and now have to duplicate all the settings and go back and forth all the time.  There have to be a ton of people with two cars, never mind the upgrade process when you get a new one.  Easier to have sets of data, and x current cars.