How To Tag Drives

Drives can be tagged with any category you would like.  For instance you can create a 'Business' tag to track and download all of your business drives for milage or tax reimbursement.

To tag drives select the note icon next to a drive.

From here you can create a new tag or select an existing one.

Once a tag has been created you can quickly tag drives by selecting the 'Tag' option on the main index page.

You can also 'Auto Tag' drives from the Drive menu.   Creating an auto tag will automatically tag future drives from point A to B.

You can search for your tagged drive from 'Search/Download Drives' from the Drives menu as well.  Once a tag is selected all drives will be shown along with the total and average statistics from the tag search.  A download button will also appear to download the drive data in csv format which can easily be opened within excel.

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