Add Schedule "Name"

PPlusa 5 months ago 0

Request: Add a text field for schedules to enter a name/label, for use in schedule search and notification messages.

Reason: When you get a lot of schedules built up, it's easy to lose track of why they exist. It can also be hard to tell which schedules are related to each other.


  • I might have a "Run Once" schedule to start HVAC earlier than my vehicle's "Departure Time" schedule. Then if I need to leave for work early one day, I can toggle it on the night before without affecting my normal daily "Departure Time" schedule. Naming the step "Leave Early" would let me know it's not just some other random schedule that I should delete.
  • To help maintain battery range calibration I have numerous "Set Charge Limit" steps at various levels (so the BMS doesn't get the same readings at the same times every day). I may also have some for road trips. Being able to name them "Calibration" or "Road Trip" would help keep them separate and help prevent me from accidentally deleting or disabling the wrong ones.

Related tickets: Submitting as a new ticket because these are old and possibly buried. I think the single text field combined with the existing search would satisfy them without much effort: