Group scheduled tasks together

miken79 6 years ago updated by mowlesta 5 years ago 2

Groups the tasks together so I can enable/disable them in one go.

I was using Dashboard for Tesla to do this but found it's less annoying to do it in teslafi so I have a few tasks setup for weekdays.

1. 5:27 - Wake the car up - just to make sure!

2. 5:28 - Set charge limit 90%

3. 5:30 - Start charging

4. 5:45 - Start HVAC

5. 7:00 - Set charge limit 85% (it won't do it at 6:15 because I'm driving so had to pick a later time when I'd be at work) (or this feature would be awesome instead, http://support.teslafi.com/forums/1-general/topics/1462-add-on-arrival-at-location-to-scheduler-as-alternative-to-daytime/)

It'd be nice if I could toggle all of those at once. 

agreed being able to create a sequence of tasks would be neat

The reason I set the charge limit to 85 is so that every morning I can have teslafi tell the car to start charging so regen works completely on my drive to work.