Enhanced Drive Search

BattMobile 6 years ago updated by potato 5 years ago 1

I would like more Criteria available in the Drive Search

Things I have wanted to search for over the last 18 months include some of:

Location (that is covered by another ticket). I'd like to be able to enter Location Name, or set Pin on Map and Radius of a circle, and then find all Lat/Long within that.  Perhaps either Parked there, or "travelled through".

Also filter for only if "charged-at-location".

Journey length. e.g. find all long journeys. If I bought a bigger battery model how much less would I supercharge?

Might need "miles driven in a day" so that a trip that currently had multiple segments, with Supercharger stops, could be included, whereas a single-drive would not be.

Also: Supercharging stop time.  I would be interested in how often I stopped for 15 minutes or less, a bigger battery would avoid that stop.

energy-added - ditto, but also covers slow-public-chargers. Useful to determine how a journey might be improved when a new supercharger opens on that route.

Wh/Mile - find all journeys where I used more than 400 Wh/mile, and were over, 10 miles. Use that to calculate likelihood of needing extra charge on a journey with bad weather. Currently it takes me a very long time with Calendar trying to find a drive that I vaguely remember that had adverse weather conditions in order to plan for a journey where I am expecting bad weather.

Temperature - ditto.

These type of "anything" criteria search screens can be cumbersome, and the SQL can be inefficient, but for flexibility being able to, in effect, create a logic statement involving any columns would enable all sorts of What If questions to be asked

I kind of agree with this request at least from the point of view of having a generic enhanced search capability and also being able to specify the fields that are reported. Such a capability could be used generically, i.e. for drives, charges, etc. I dare say that such a feature might not be fun for James who might want to keep the UI locked down and also not have to support people who are unfamiliar with doing DB queries.