Ability to search for drives From [Place1] to [Place2]

Mirlen 7 years ago updated by James 6 years ago 9

It would be handy to have the ability to search for drives from 1 location to another location.  For instance, to easily get a report of all my Home to Work drives, or Work to Home, or...


This has been added to the Drive->Drive Search/Download page.

I would be handy if one could just leave out the start and ending date.

I also should be able to use this page to "tag" existing drives based on the search criteria soon.

It might be helpful to also include an average table on the sidebar along with the totals table already included.


If anyone would like to try this new report out it's available at https://www.teslafi.com/tagsBeta.php.  You will need to click on the 'Reset Cached Drive Data' link at the bottom of the page before it will work correctly.

I added a temperature search as well because I've wondered what range I need during certain times of the year to make a trip that I've previously driven.

Please let me know if anyone notices any issues.



I just learned you can use the tag icon in the footer to do a full CSV export and then use excel filters to get the data out for tax reporting.  Not as elegant as the ask here, but it's a workable answer until this can be developed!

Totally agree.

For me the challenge would be to:

- sum up all the cost and time for a specific drive (office-building site-office) to easily charge one specific client

- compare speed and time to optimise departure time based on traffic


Agreed. This would be helpful when expensing mileage (separate from tagging drives).