Teslafi Polling - Vehicle Behavior

Larrydavidow 3 years ago updated by Pikey2 3 years ago 1

Every time Teslafi polls my Model S (every minute), my car does this.  Anyone else experiencing this? 8/2016 P90DL (refresh). AP1 HW1 MSU1

1. Sounds like battery solenoid clicks on

2. Sounds like battery warmers turn on (high pitched hum)

3. Some pump runs for a bit and then turns off.

Youtube video

hi. We already have a thread for this issue.  Can we add them together?  I’ve disabled TeslaFi from polling until it’s resolved. https://support.teslafi.com/en/communities/1/topics/18062-why-are-my-hv-battery-contactors-cycling-every-2-minutes