Why are my HV battery contactors cycling every 2 minutes?

tga 1 month ago updated by XPHOENIX 1 week ago 6

2014 P85+, AP1, MCU1.  I've recently noticed 2 weird behaviors:

  • The car is no longer sleeping.  I don't know if this is due to a TeslaFi change or a firmware change (the car has been running 2020.48.37.1 since mid-Feb).  I had not changed any sleep settings for months (maybe years?)
  • More importantly, the once-per-minute polls are forcing the car to cycle the HV contactors every 2 minutes.  On, 1 minute pause, off, one minute pause, repeat.  When the contactors close, the coolant pumps come on, the louvers in the front bumper cycle, and the DC-DC converter energizes.

What's going on here?  How do I stop the contactor cycling?  TeslaFi data is interesting, but not at the expense of all that added wear and tear to my car's systems.

I have exactly the same situation 2020 Model S AP3, MCU2

I have exactly the same situation 2013 MS 85, AP1, MCU1.

I have now disabled all logging unless driving. I have just had 2020.48.37.2 downloaded and will see if this makes a difference 


i also have the same issue. Teslafi polling, contactors cycling. Turn off teslafi polling and it stops. I need a resolution.


I think I have this too, need to experiment a bit more but have a similar vehicle, 2015 70D, AP1, MCU1. I have disabled logging to save any wear and tear


I forgot to add - the cycling is definitely triggered by TeslaFi.  If I disable remote access in the car or delete the API token on TeslaFi.com, the cycling stops, only to restart when I re-enable TeslaFi access.