Why are my HV battery contactors cycling every 2 minutes?

tga 3 years ago updated by Pikey2 3 years ago 9

2014 P85+, AP1, MCU1.  I've recently noticed 2 weird behaviors:

  • The car is no longer sleeping.  I don't know if this is due to a TeslaFi change or a firmware change (the car has been running 2020.48.37.1 since mid-Feb).  I had not changed any sleep settings for months (maybe years?)
  • More importantly, the once-per-minute polls are forcing the car to cycle the HV contactors every 2 minutes.  On, 1 minute pause, off, one minute pause, repeat.  When the contactors close, the coolant pumps come on, the louvers in the front bumper cycle, and the DC-DC converter energizes.

What's going on here?  How do I stop the contactor cycling?  TeslaFi data is interesting, but not at the expense of all that added wear and tear to my car's systems.


Just putting in another data point. My car was on a really old version (2019.16.2) and didn't have this issue. After a service center visit and being forced to update to latest version I started getting the same issue described here. Contactors cycling every couple minutes. 

I Contacted tesla and they told me to try to disable any 3rd party apps. After I revoking token from teslafi the contactors cycling stopped immediately! 

So I would say it has something to do with the car software and teslafi, definitely a bug. 

Just a thought but this may be Tesla’s way of ensuring the 12v battery is kept fully charged. If 3rd party apps weren’t connected then every time you connected to the car via tha app it would give the 12v battery a little boost. Our older cars may have batteries coming to the end of their life and it ensures they are also charged. Unfortunately the 3rd party apps also start this process every time they poll the vehicle. I currently poll every  300 seconds when idle to give the car time to sleep and manually run the polling when my mobile connects to Bluetooth and I’m driving

I have noticed the same thing. I have a 2015 Tesla Model S 85D and in early 2021 sometime I started noticing my car's high voltage contactor cycling every couple of minutes. I recorded it in an attempt to document it with Tesla and they just said everything was fine. You can watch the video here. I'd like the data I get from TeslaFi, but not at the expense of wearing out my components way faster. 

I have exactly the same situation 2020 Model S AP3, MCU2

I have exactly the same situation 2013 MS 85, AP1, MCU1.

I have now disabled all logging unless driving. I have just had 2020.48.37.2 downloaded and will see if this makes a difference 


i also have the same issue. Teslafi polling, contactors cycling. Turn off teslafi polling and it stops. I need a resolution.


I think I have this too, need to experiment a bit more but have a similar vehicle, 2015 70D, AP1, MCU1. I have disabled logging to save any wear and tear


I forgot to add - the cycling is definitely triggered by TeslaFi.  If I disable remote access in the car or delete the API token on TeslaFi.com, the cycling stops, only to restart when I re-enable TeslaFi access.