Add button to enter sleep mode

berticus 1 year ago updated by dpdtex 6 months ago 1

Add a button on the main page to stop polling and try to put the vehicle into sleep mode.

This is particularly useful when going to work. After parking, I know I'm not going anywhere else, so I'd like to put the car to sleep right away instead of waiting for the idle period. 

This is my number one request as well.  I leave all my sleep settings disabled and only enable sleep mode if my car is going to be sitting for a couple days (eg, like when I park at airport).  When my car is sleeping, there is a "Wake" icon on the "Show Live Controls" screen. It would be nice when my car is awake, if this icon changed to a "Sleep" icon to allow me to easily sleep (pause polling) with one click.  Or it could be an icon on the top center next to the icons for Drive Summary, Calendar View, Charging Summary, Show Controls.