Missing a few drives home and have no clue why

Nietschy 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

I have seen a few times now, that drives from work to home have not been recorded. As an example the drive today (23th of August).

The car shows I would have stayed at BDI, but actually I drove home at about 17:15 o'clock.

This happened quite more often recently and I fear that I cannot trust it anymore wich would be bad.

Please take a look into it and show me If I am doing something wrong or if something is off at your side.

ok thanks for the clarification!


Not on your side.  Amazon had me move databases last night after some issues.  Apparently the parameters didn't apply to the new database and the timezone was not set.  So your deep sleep settings were applied at the wrong time.  I'm sorry but the issues has been resolved and shouldn't happen again.

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