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Model 3 Option Codes Wrong?

nzburns 5 years ago updated by Norbert 4 years ago 12

I've seen a few comments in other forums that TeslaFi does not display the correct Vehicle Option Codes for the Model 3. This would not make it possible to verify autopilot hardware version. My code string is below, does anyone else see the same?


Now it's the same issue with S and X

correct. my model x is showing the same option codes and most of them are wrong. So one cannot trust them and I cannot imagine what possible consequences that might have.

So I think that should be checked.

Due to there not being an option code and then that the build date might not be precise if our Model 3's were built during the transition we should get an option to indicate which unit we have. No model 3s are included in the firmware rollouts currently.

couldn’t you just add in logic that if build date is after xx date then it is hw 3.0 versus 2.5? It would make understanding the software update rollout a lot easier. If we know that after Xx date that they all now include the newer hardware then it is better to add that logic than just ignoring it and displaying totally incorrect data. 

My VIN is 36xxxx. As far as option codes, I was using this unofficial site: https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/vehicle/optioncodes It isn't working for me right now, though.

I too have the same option codes for VIN 33xxx.  That said, does anyone have a magic decoding ring that identifies what each code actually means?

I ordered my model 3 in a Tesla store- the sales guy showed me the exact date it was made on screen when he put in the order. Mine is an SR+ with FSD and everything else basic. Appears everyone is seeing the same option codes no matter what.

thanks for the info. My vin is 237xxx is my vin higher than yours?

I have a model 3 performance and my option codes match the ones James posted.

nzburns how do you know your model 3 was built on the 16? The sticker on my door jamb says manufacture date: 04/2019

Wow thanks for looking at this, James!! My new Model 3 was built April 16 2019 FYI. Maybe some others will chime in too.

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I actually looked at the option codes coming from the API for model 3 from 5 different users and they are all showing the exact same option codes.  Even looking at new model 3's with less than 100 miles on them shows the same option codes as well.

It's very odd and without an accurate option code showing APH4 there's no way to display autopilot hardware 3 correctly like model s&x does.

You can view the info directly from the API by viewing this page:  https://www.teslafi.com/getData.php

Mine shows the following:


It would be helpful to know if anyone is seeing anything other than the option codes above.