sentry mode not auto-enabled when charging

colmode 5 years ago updated by ulldins 5 years ago 3

I have sentry mode set to auto-enable at all untagged locations as well as at a tagged location where I charge. When I park and start charging at the tagged location, I get the notification that sentry mode will be enabled in 5 minutes but it is not enabled and no second notification is sent.

If charging is subsequently interrupted (charging station breaker tripped) sentry mode is enabled.

Sentry mode auto-enables correctly at this location when not charging.

It is possible to enable sentry through live controls while charging.

I haven't tested whether sentry auto-enables at untagged locations while charging.

Maybe this is intended behavior (why?) but I haven't seen that documented anywhere.

Hi, how have you done this? i want sentry mode to be enabled when I am parked at home and charging?

I am seeing this same problem. I have my work location set to enable sentry automatically. If I'm not plugged in to charge it works. If I am plugged in and charging, I get the email notification that sentry will be turned on, but it doesn't turn on.

Does anyone else get this behavior?