temperature efficiency by starting location Home vs "other"

ZBB-3 5 years ago 0

Would it be possible to filter the temperature efficiency by starting location being "Home" vs other locations?  Not all locations, but just a way to filter out if starting from home?

Since most of us charge at home in a garage, if the starting location is home, the battery is usually not cold soaked when starting from home.  But other locations, it is cold soaked in winter.  At work, I park in a huge concrete garage -- so even when the temps start to rise outside in the afternoon, the garage tends to be a bit colder, so the car starts off on my evening commute cold soaked.

I think this is what is driving a dip in my efficiency graph in the 35-40F range.  I drive in to work when its colder (in winter...), but leave when its warmer -- but because the battery was not cold soaked in the morning, my efficiency is higher at the colder temps.  But then the battery gets cold soaked during the day, and my drive home is less efficient.  Might be an interesting gauge -- especially when doing planning for a longer trip where the car will sit out overnight.