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Edit drive tags

peescel 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

Id like to be able to edit drive tags, similar to "Tagged locations"

Cool, thank you!

Thank you !!!

I just changed the wording to 'Edit Drive Tag" and filled in the current drive tag when you are searching with a drive tag now to make it a little more clear.

I'm not sure I am making myself clear. If I have a tag called "Work Commute" and I want to change that tag to say "Work Run" without adding a new tag to the drop list but by editing the existing tag, can I do that? Second, I understand I can untag a drive, but does that mean that if I have a "School Run" tag and I remove it from all drives, it will also disappear completely from the tag drop down?

Yes, it will edit the tags if you type in a new tag.  It will overwrite them.

Yes if you tag them none it will remove the tag and the tag from the dropdown.

This is nice. But what I would like is the ability to edit the name of an existing and to delete a tag completely from the tag list.

You can do both of those.

Just search for the existing tag then::

To delete the tag select "None" from Tag Searched Drive As

To edit the name just enter the new name in Tag Searched Drives With A New Tag

Under review

A new tag section was added to https://www.teslafi.com/tags.php.

From here you can search by a tag at the top:

From there you can tag the drives with another tag, select none to remove the tag or create a new tag.

Hopefully that helps.

Yes! Yes! Yes! We want this!

I would also be interested in the ability of deleting some drive tags. Even after untagging all drives, the tag is still available in the drop-down menu.