API Endpoints for Drives and Charges

tjmadsen 5 years ago updated by DanubeRS 2 months ago 9

Create API endpoints to access Drives and Charges instead of having to export to CSV.

I would love this!

My electricity supplier at home (Amber Electric) passes through wholesale prices which change every 5/30 minutes.

I would love to get charge activities, and their data, and generate a "cost" in-line with my actual price which is then uploaded back to TeslaFi.

I want to calculate my charge costs for a given time via api and integrate it in my grafana dashboard.

Would be great to have that to integrate in Smart Home.

I guess that would be super useful and also normal to having a API

bump for visibility to new users :)

I had assumed that this would be available, or at least an endpoint to get the raw data for a period, but it seems not from what I can find. I would also like to be able to use this, along with the data available from my energy provider, to show how much energy I am using excluding charging the car. Please could you add either:

  • An endpoint to get the raw data over a time period (similar to the raw data CSV export), or
  • Endpoints to list charges and get the detailed data for a charge

Agreed. A specific use case I'm thinking of, is to have a dashboard with how much power (ish) I use to charge the car at home and how much is used for everything else (without having a smart wall-charger).

Bump. This would be very usefull.