auto tag drives - Rule order

Flyingcactus 5 years ago 0

I have. a few questions on the rules for auto tagging

1. Is there an order to which the rules are applied, and once it matches a rule, does it stop?

2. If there is an order, can there be a way to reorganize the rules so I can have ones that will take precedence over other ones?

Also I have a suggestion for making it much easier to implement auto tagging rather than creating a ton of rules 

It would be nice to be able to apply a tag and a priority to the location, this way the drive will get tagged based on the start or end location, and I would not have to create a bunch of rules to cover every situation.  For example:

Tags - priority

personal - priority 0

business1 - priority 1

business 2 - priority 2

higher priority items take precedence over lower

I drive from home to a location tagged as business 1 - it would get tagged as business1

I drive from home to business2 - tagged as business2

I drive from business2 to business1 - tagged as business2

I drive from any unknown location to a tagged location or vice versa - it would get tagged according to the tagged location