Wind impact analysis on range and kWh (similar to how temperature analysis is being performed)

e-Beam 5 years ago 0

I see that the drive information has beginning/ending temperature & wind speed.  However, I'm particularly interested in how much a headwind (or lackthereof) impacts range.  In my experience with EV and ICE cars, a relatively strong headwind (> 5 mph) can make a very measurable and noticeable impact on the efficiency of the vehicle.

My thoughts on how to accomplish this rough calculation (at least for a starting point):

1. Perform image analysis on the driving route map.

2. Based on route map, estimate/characterize a directional vector to demonstrate (rough) overall vehicle movement direction on drive.

2b. *(In future releases, could break up the route map into several segments with their own respective directional vectors to be more accurate).

3. Use known weather and wind data to compare to this vehicle directional vector.

4. For awhile, it'd be nice to just log the data of these two.  (i.e., if the vehicle direction averages 45mph @ 0deg while a 10mph headwind @ 180 deg exists.  kWh and range affect = X)

5. Over time, we may be able to estimate the impact with enough sample size data.  This could be helpful on long trips/journeys.