Add filtering options to Latest Fleet Updates page

spnorth 5 years ago updated by teenwdwgeek 5 years ago 1

When I visit the Software Updates or Fleet Updates page, I'm not only looking for the latest software version being deployed in the past couple days, but I also use the car filtering drop down for All, S&X, and 3 models. 

It would be informative to me if we also had the ability to filter out software versions which are greater than 30 days old and less than 0.5% of the fleet.  The reason I would like this type of filter is to try to hide people that have stopped using TeslaFi or they have chosen not to update to the latest version. I'm sure there are other filters people would like to see, but those are the ones I would like.


This makes a lot of sense. As the user base grows and changes it's helpful to have filters available to truly slice/dice data the way a particular user would like. For example being able to filter out when a car is first added to the fleet (<30 days in fleet) or being able to show the average length of time a car has a particular version. 

tl;Dr: would definitely be helpful to have filtering available on all coumns for users to modify.