Automatically end trip after connection loss of x minutes

smartsurfer 5 years ago updated by James 4 years ago 3

At home my car is in underground parking - 3 levels down - so it has no network or GPS connection. TeslaFi does not detect that I arrived at a destination - it just keeps the drive going to whatever place I go the next day. The only way to fix this today is to manually edit every trip.

I would suggest a feature that a drive automatically ends (at the last known location) when the connection is lost after a configurable time of minutes. 


This can be found in settings->account->preferences now.

I have a very similar issue, but with underground parking at my home (no LTE, no GPS, no WiFi). So every night it’s not recognizing that I have arrived home, but thinks I’m still driving...  is there any way to fix this (e.g. after time X it finishes the drive with the last known location)?

To add: It is also not possible to edit the drives (split, merge), as Teslafi still thinks the car is in a drive...