Sentry mode anywhere but at home

Gumpi 5 years ago updated by thomasbihn 8 months ago 7

Hi! Thank you very the quick changes to Teslafi in respect to Sentry Mode. As my car does not need Sentry Mode at home I would be grateful for the feature "activated sentry mode anywhere but at home".

Thank you!

I need this feature as well. Tesla considers home anything within 0.5 miles of my home address so if I set my home address to be accurate in the car, I end up having no sentry mode or walkaway door locks at Walmart, McDonald's, etc. because I live close to a shopping area. I see a reference in the comments to "Enable Sentry Mode at all Untagged locations", but where is that under?

someone has the problem again that this is not working?

@coolsilver, never mind...found it.

@coolsilver, OK, I give up.  Where is the “Enable Sentry Mode at all Untagged locations” option?  The closest I could find is in the Schedules and anything to do with Sentry Mode is “coming soon.”

There is a Enable Sentry Mode at all Untagged locations. Tagged locations can still be enabled in the settings too.

That is exactly what I have been wanting.

This would be great!