Supercharges have weird Voltage and Amperage

B4sti4n 3 months ago • updated by michi 2 weeks ago 4

All my Supercharges have a min/max/avg Voltage of 2 and an Amperage of more than 30000 on average. I assume this can't be correct.

This also makes the charts somewhat useless, as the battery-level, km/h and kW are all squashed into a line at the bottom.

It is a european (german) Model 3.

Same here. Dutch Model 3 AWD.

Also, why did the chart that is posted as an image (above) disappear from my charge detail page? I used to be able to see it.

Chart disappeared for me, too. (only for Supercharges, displays fine for normal charges)

Yes, only for Superchargers. AC charging chart is still there. 

No chart for supercharger, also weird voltage (2 volts) and no amps displayed. Austrian Model 3 AWD on firmware 2019.16.3.