Efficiency correction for altitude change

dhshoemaker 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

It would be a nice touch to correct the calculated efficiency by the difference in altitude between the start and finish of a drive. This is just to accommodate the energy stored or lost in the delta(M*G*h). It needs the mass of the car (specified by the user profile) and the altitudes (evidently in the data). 

So a request! 

The efficiency is not changed by altitude.  Efficiency is how much energy used (no matter the source) over distance.

I was perhaps unclear. Going up a hill -- lifting the weight of the car to a higher altitude --  takes energy, stored as potential energy; going down the hill recovers that energy. I live on a hill; when I go down the hill to a store, my claimed efficiency is say 150%. When I return the claimed efficiency is 75%. Since TeslaFi can know the altitude change from available maps, it could correct for this bias in each direction, and that would be nice.