Is there a way to keep gas price history with the date, so as gas prices change the savings difference can be seen over time?

kwjayhawk 5 years ago updated by James 2 years ago 8

My example would be

2/22/19 Gas at $2.21/gal so savings is $x.xx

but if I change it on 3/5/19 and gas is $2.48 the old data stays with the date/gas rate but the new data is updated with that gas savings rate.


  • When the gas cost is changed in Settings->Account->Gas Savings the prior price will be saved to a new Wayback Machine within TeslaFi. All gas savings will be calculated based on prior entries in the Wayback Machine for the matching dates between entries and current drives will be calculated on the current gas cost price in settings.
    Image 4921
  • Hovering over a gas savings will display the gas price used to calculate the savings.
    Image 4922
  • Gas prices can be added/edited/deleted at any point in the Wayback Machine in Settings->Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine will be used for more features in the future.
    Image 4923

and use the gas prices for the area, month, of charging location.  Not exact but something that will adjust over time as gas prices change so quickly. 


Maybe allow for a zip code option that checks something like gas buddy and record that for the drive?


timeline of planned feature?


Also, I think an option to change gas and electricity charge for each drive would be very useful.