I have what I think is a Leaderboard drive that isn't on the board

b la mo 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2


I took this drive over the summer and yet it isn't on the leaderboard. Is it because of the data drops that happened during the drive? 

Huge fan of the site and the work you do - thank you.


Unfortunately, no; It'd still be in the Top10 if they had. I'm sure they would say it was because the data fidelity was off - but how can I control that when I'm in the mountains of Oregon and Tesla doesn't have connectivity?

Oh well. I find TeslaFi has some data drops (eg in parking garages), so I adjust my monthly totals in my spreadsheet (#nerd) based off of the difference between what the car says and what TeslaFi says. I use one of the trip odometers for a running monthly total - and the miles and WH/Mile end up about 1-3% off. I still find the service worth the price, and given I've saved roughly 10 cents per mile driven over my old ICE car in fuel costs over the last 18 months, we're good. :)

Enjoy the drive, maybe even with a little Navigating on Autopilot...

Did anyone ever respond to you? I am thinking about doing a long range test in a few hours but I want to make sure its recorded properly.