Server upgrade issues

Ghostridertesla 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2


Since the server upgrade I have been getting missed drives and charging sessions. The car also seems to immediately go to sleep and I had the same settings as before. I tried deleting my token and logging back in but same thing happens. Any suggestions?


I gave it a few days and it appears to be working correctly now. I did get a missed supercharging session the other day for whatever reason. I think it may be a glitch with summon and sleep mode? I'll try too recreate it and let you know if it's recurring.

Thanks for correcting the main issue!



I found an issue with the deep sleep and scheduled sleep modes being set to the wrong timezone and corrected it about 24 hours ago..  This may have caused the issue you were seeing.  

If it's not resolved please open a ticket.  If you can provide me with specific times or missed data I can investigate.



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