Scheduled Sentry Mode

coolsilver 5 years ago updated by SalisburySam 5 years ago 5

If possible add a schedule to turn on or off Sentry Mode. Useful if you want to capture busy times in work parking lot such as 4:30p - 5:30p

I can see the ability to enable Sentry Mode at tagged locations...any thanks for that!

I do NOT see the option to enable Sentry in the Schedules.  The option in the drop down command still shows “coming soon” for me.

Just got a sentry mode unable to activate alert via e-mail.  This was the first I've heard of this new feature.  My Sept '17 Model X is running 2018.50.6 and does not yet have Sentry Mode as a feature.   Ideally, this new beta feature would only attempt activation for versions of the firmware that includes Sentry Mode.

EDIT: this is a great feature, and I'm looking forward to using it.  I've disabled the action on all tagged locations to presumably turn this off.


This has been implemented in the schedules.

I have to park on the street overnight.. would love to have sentry mode enabled on a schedule


setting sentry mode every time you park away from tagged locations too!