Model 3 three phase AC charging - kWh used completely off

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Model 3 supports three phase charging in Europe. TeslaFi does not correctly report kWh used when three phase AC charging a model 3. The reporting ignores whether the car charges on one phase or on three phases.

Example stats from my car today:

kWh added: 36.65 kWh

kWh used: 12.9 kWh

The charge session took 3 h 26 min.

I think the correct amount used should be 12.9 kWh * 3 = 38.7 kWh

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Bjorn put out a video with some charging issues. Seems the comments indicate only 2 phase is being used instead of 3 phase. Might be an internal bug with charging on the 3 and reflecting in the

Three phase charging works just fine with my model 3 and the numbers reported by TeslaFi make sense.

Under review

I've changed the calculations to treat these "2 Phase" charges as 3 phase charges.  Please let me know if it looks correct now.  If you have a 3 phase factor in place already for home charges you'll want to turn that off.

It seems like the numbers make more sense now. Thanks!
Did you change something in my account specifically or did you change something in the overall system? I assume I should leave the 3 phase correction alone from now on?


The entire code is changed.  You shouldn't need the three phase correction.

Yeah! Without the 3 phase correction it works now! Thank you for your fast fix!
(Is the 3 phase correction for: you charge 1 phase and teslafi thinks it was 3 phase?)


Factor 1 is like no factor

factor 2 is like charinging with 2 phase

factor 3 should be like charging with 3 phase

Its called 3 phase correction but you can only correct to 2 phase? 


I dont know the background, but I think if I could enter „3“ in the factor it would work.

Under review

I'm still looking into this but in the meantime the 3 phase corrections should now work in instances like this.  Previously it would only work if the phase was 3 but will now work if it is reported as 2 as well.

Uhm, how would this work exactly? What number should i use?


Same problem here, the 3-Phase-Correction doesn`t change anything :(


I see the same. My work charger is three fase but there are 2 fases reported.  How is the translation ? 1 bit per fase? 

then 11 becomes two fases. But if it is not a bit field but a binary number then 11 is three.

That's odd, it's definitely hooked up to a 3 phase TWC. : 3 x 16A which makes 11KW. 
It's one of the first Model 3's in europe so it might be some bug.

Under review


The vehicle is reporting a 2 phase electrical connection which I've never seen before.  I will have to take a look at this next week and see if I can figure out what is going on.



Any chance you can fix this problem? I'd like to subscribe but if these numbers are off I can't really use TeslaFi for my record keeping (The Dutch IRS won't accept the data). Which is kind of the point of TeslaFi for me :)

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