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"Estimated Completion" not updated when Max Charge level changed

mkolowich 7 years ago updated by James 7 years ago 3

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start charging the car with max charge level at, for example, 60%.
  2. Open TeslaFi and note the "Estimated Completion" time in the current charge record.
  3. Close TeslaFi
  4. Change the max charge level (e.g. from 60% to 90%) before charging is complete.
  5. Open TeslaFi and look at the "Estimated Completion" tims in the current charge record.


  1. "Estimated Completion" time does not change as a result of changing the Max Charge level.

Expected Result:

  1. "Estimated Completion" time should be updated when max charge time changes.

Suggestion: instead of putting the "estimated completion" DURATION in the charge record, why not put the estimated time of day at which the charge will be complete? This can always be calculated by adding the API datum time_to_full_charge to the current time of day. If this is updated whenever the charge record is displayed, then isn't that more useful?

Not a bug

That alternative (putting remaining charge time in the header) works for me, too. You're right -- the individual charge records should not be used for real-time information; that belongs in the header.

Under review

The "Estimated Completion" is really just a "timestamp" right now from the first data point in the charging session returned from the API.

My original idea was that it would show the difference between the actual time the charging session took vs the time the vehicle had estimated. It's not the most useful data but I added it since there was room. To be honest, I was thinking about removing it at some point when I add more data.

I think something like this would be more useful - http://support.teslafi.com/topics/29-when-actively-charging-display-mph-and-time-left-in-header/. This would reflect any changes to the SOC during the charging session.

Let me know what you think.



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